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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead Shocker Season 3 Episode 4

Major Spoilers!

Did anyone not watch The Walking Dead last night? It was season 3 episode 4, and I think this episode will either make or break the show. 

The episode started out pretty mild enough. The group was teasing Glen and Maggie for spending so much time in the guard tower. Then BOOM!

We have walkers invading the area, Lori going into labor, T-Dog getting bit, and then Lori dying. 


I was not expecting all that.

If you're really watched the show and thought about the undertones of the plot, you'll realize that Lori had it especially tough. 

She thought her husband was dead and got involved with his coworker and friend Shane. Shane was a good man. He took especially good care of Lori and her son Carl. He watched out for her and protected her. 

Then here walks Rick back into her life. She does the right thing and ends it with Shane. Or was it the right thing? They were experiencing problems before the walker invasion.

Rick walks back into her life and immediately puts Lori on the back burner. There isn't the love and care there that Shane was giving her. Shane turns bad, which I'm sure is due to losing Lori and Carl. Even though he's back, it looks like Rick is still relying on Shane to take care of Lori and Carl. He doesn't want to deal with that. 

Then Shane dies. 

Season 3 starts out and it shows Rick majorly ignoring a very pregnant Lori. 

On episode 3:4, it looks like he's finally ready to start working on their marriage again. Yet he has waited a little to long. There isn't going to be another day for Lori.

You have to wonder if things would have been the same should Shane still be alive? 

I seriously doubt it. Shane would have taken care of Lori. I don't believe it would have ended the way that it would have. Very sad. Now Rick is going to have to live with the choices he's made. 

So the show lost two major players. Possibly three, because nobody knows where Carol is at. I feel though that Carol is going to make it. Man hungry Carol is definitely on the prowl. I thought maybe her and Daryl would become an item, but I wonder if it's not going to be her and Rick? Or maybe Rick and Andrea? You can tell Andrea is definitely feeling lonesome herself. 

Guess we will all have to wait to next week to get some answers. And even more questions!