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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Haunted Asbury Cemetary in Murray, KY

Most people know of Murray, KY from the huge college there. Murray State University is known far and wide. Few people have ever heard of Asbury Cemetary though, much less the hauntings.

There have been all kinds of reports of entities that oversee this cemetery. One person reports seeing this entity on the porch of an abandoned house located near the cemetery. This person reports that the apparition was speaking in a strange language, maybe Latin. They reported going back several times and seeing the entity each time.

Another story involves a group of experienced paranormal researchers. They investigated the cemetary and were chased clear out of it by a dark apparition.

Asbury Cemetary is not open to the public. You have to have permission to visit it. The best contact information I could find for the cemetary is the following:
Marilynn Downey, 129 Fire Station Dr., Kirksey, KY 42054.

Directions to the old Asbury Cemetery (from Google Maps)

Start Murray, KY 42071 End Asbury Cemetery Rd
Kirksey, KY 42054
Travel 11.2 mi (about 25 mins)
1. Head east.
2. Turn left at US-641-BR 0.5 mi
3. Turn left at Chestnut St 1.2 mi
4. Turn right at KY-774 0.5 mi
5. Bear right at N 18th St 130 ft
6. Turn left at KY-121 5.9 mi
7. Turn right at Cook Store Trl 2.6 mi
8. Turn left at Asbury Cemetery Rd 0.3 mi
9. Arrive at Asbury Cemetery Rd Kirksey, KY 42054

I'm very interested in the theories behind this haunting and the history of the cemetary itself. Please feel free to share your stories.


Anonymous said...

I will not say my name. I will say however that I have been to Asbury Cementary. Most skeptics say they will never believe in ghosts until they see one. Well, if you want proof just go to Asbury Cementary. Of course most people will get there stay for a minute or two and make up some excuse so they can leave because they are scared. I actually went there one night a long time ago and i don't plan to ever go back after that incident. Believe it or not, i don't really care, but what I saw was not just creepy but horrifying. A man, no a ghost that look like a man chased me out of the cementary. I could clearly see through this thing but i didn't have the balls to come close to it. Its face or body was oddly shaped on anything like you see in the movie it was just creepy and weird.

Everyday BBW said...

It sounds very creepy.

Anonymous said...

I've been to this place about 4 times and each time I did not see anything unusual or experience anything that would be indicative of a spiritual presence. I am a skeptic and to this day, I remain so. The cemetary is very old and is made up of scattered tombstones in a wooded area. Make sure to bring a flashlight if you visit at night, because it's very easy to trip over a small stone and the ground is very uneven. Best of luck to those that are curious!

Anonymous said...

I've been there a couple times back when I went to Murray State. The first time nothing happened but we decided to bring a group with us the second time and things actually occurred. The coyotes started barking like crazy and the bugs all got quiet, and this freaked me out. Like the odd person I am I ventured off by myself to look for the oldest burial site on the grounds and I swear something whispered to me. I ignored the first time but I heard it more and more and I ran away like a Pansy. When everyone panicked about something being next to a tree (I didn't see nothing so I'm sure they lied) we all left and I hopped in the back of the truck. While on the road I kept seeing this blue orb appearing on the side of the road a few feet from the truck. It kept appearing until we just about hit the main road

Anonymous said...

I have spent almost 50 years running around in Asbury Cemetery. The only "haunting ghosts" are the neighbors! Soooo "Go....away"

Anonymous said...

I live fairly close t Asbury. I have been there many times and have never seen anything out of the ordinary. However, I do believe it has something there out of the ordinary. I personally saw pictures someone took there at night. In one picture it was very plain that a man was standing beside a tree. Recently the picture mysteriously disappeared from the pictures on her phone. Makes you wonder what controls this place!

Anonymous said...

I have been to Asbury a number of times. Much of my Father's family is buried there.

I have always found the place to be calming and very beautiful. Of course, that is during the day. It can be frightening at night - as any secluded, wooded area.

I can see why many say it is haunted. There are some very old graves there...

Ophelia said...

I live right down the road from Asbury and honestly I've never actually seen or experienced anything haunting. If you're interested in very VERY old gravestones and you like to look at names on stones and search up their stories later if they have one....That's pretty fun. Although I've never experienced anything haunting or creepy happening there the scenery does give off a slightly creepy vibe. Even though I haven't seen anything I legitimately feel it is haunted.