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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Superstitions about the Moon

One summer night, not to long ago, I was driving home about midnight. We live in a rural area, and the cars were few and far between. The moon was full and had a hazy look to it. Not to mention, it was a very foggy night.

Looking across the fields that were lined with forests and fogs, I could almost see why there are so many superstitions about the moon. Imagine seeing a moon like that in a place without any type of artificial light.

Centuries ago, people were VERY superstitious. They didn't have the modern technology that we do today to disprove a lot of the myths. Nighttime was a very scary time to them.

Even today there are a lot of superstitions regarding the moon. Some of them, like the fact that women give birth more often during a full moon, are well-known and accepted as fact. Others though are not.

The following are a few superstitions regarding the moon;
- If you sleep with the moon shining on your face, you will die within a year.
- Looking at the moon through glass will give you bad luck.
- If you see a red moon, it means imminent war.
- If lovers cross the moon line together, they will never marry.

If you have ever looked at a Farmer's Almanac, you will see that many believe planting their crops based on the moon phases determines what time of yield they will get.

That still really doesn't explain why or how the myth regarding full moons and werewolves started.

It is my belief that this started due to the lack of technology. Back in those days without electricity, most people were probably not out much after dark. Even if they looked out, visibility would have been limited. So they wouldn't have seen animals as much as they would during a full moon. On a full moon though, they would have been able to see a bit better. Probably on those nights, more wolves were seen because it would have been more illuminated.

With people being so superstitious, this probably caught on like wildfire.

I'd be the first to say that the moon can make things look really creepy. I do believe that there is some type of energy to it too. We've all heard the saying, "It must be a full moon." It seems like people are "wilder" during a full moon.

If you would like to see a lot of superstitions regarding the moon, try the book, "Encyclopedia of Superstitions 1949
By Edwin Radford."


Mr. Squiggz said...

This is true. People are always trying to place meaning to the things they do not understand. This kind of goes along with my blog, which deals with paranormal encounters. These types of activities occur more often when people are either vulnerable, depressed, or alone. Not to mention, your topic here definitely ties into religion. It is the whole science vs religion debate. However, which one is proving which? Maybe, they are proving each others existance.