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Monday, December 29, 2008

Gravity Hill in Princeton, KY

When I was in middle school, I can remember the teacher telling us about Gravity Hill in Princeton, KY.

According to my middle school teacher, gravity would pull your car up a hill in this area.

As I got older, a different story circulated among my peers. The story was a girl had been murdered on this lonely little road in the middle of nowhere. If someone stopped their car there, it was actually her ghost that would push you up the road. As the story went, this was her way of keeping you out of danger.

By the time I heard this version of the story, just about everybody had been to Gravity Hill. Some had really extreme stories. I can remember one teen telling that he had sat on the back of the car as it was pushed up the road. At one point, something reached up and grabbed his ankle. According to him, afterwards he had several bloody scratches.

I'd also heard another similar story from another person. Only in this tale, they saw hand prints on the back of the car after they were done.

Is it any wonder that after hearing these tales, I had to jump on the bandwagon? This sounded really fascinating.

One evening I went with a friend. It was kind of hard to find for someone that wasn't familiar with the Princeton area. Princeton is a very rural area. We did find it. The road itself doesn't have many houses on it if memory serves me right. The area in question is located right underneath an old, small overpass.

It was dusk when we arrived. We turned the vehicle off, put it in neutral, and waited. Within seconds, the car did take off. It gained speed, and it was really amazing. I don't think we checked the trunk area out though. I was so impressed that I ended up going back with my grandma, her friend, and anyone else I could find to take.

Of course this has been about fifteen years ago. I haven't been through that area in so long, that they might have had a few changes. I doubt that Gravity Hill has changed much though.

If you ever pass through the Princeton, KY area, you should try it out. If you are coming from Princeton, you will go west (on 62) like you are heading towards Eddyville. About 3 miles on the right you will see Crider Dulaney Rd. Continue on down the road until you see the overpass. When we did it, we always turned the car around, but you can try it both ways.

If you decide to make a trip, come back and share. Let us know if you find any handprints on the back of your car when you are done.